The Law Office of    Sam Walker
Family Law, Criminal Defense and Probate Attorney.

Family Law Attorney
Whether you have a contested or uncontested divorce you will need a divorce attorney to represent your interests fairly according to the law. I will help you achieve a fair settlement or if the opposing party is unreasonable, represent your legal interests at trial. If trial is the appropriate legal course I will handle your matter personally and guide you through the process.   

When you are charged with a felony or a misdemeanor you need a criminal defense attorney who understands the criminal justice system. You also need an attorney who is willing to fight for you. As a solo practitioner I will handle every step of your case and you can be assured that I will do my best to get you a reasonable offer or take your matter to trial.  

Probate Attorney
Probate is the process of distribution of an Estate upon the passing of a relative. There are many legal issues that an Executor, Personal Representative or Administrator will need to be aware of. As the person in charge of your loved ones assets and debts you can be liable to all heirs for any mistakes that you make prior to distribution. You may also have legal issues with third party creditor's which need to be dealt with in a legal manner. All probate fees are paid out of the Estate if solvent and will not come out of your pocket. 

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