Long Beach Attorney Samuel Walker

Attorney Samuel Walker has been helping people in Southern California with their legal issues for several years. While his major fields of practice are criminal defense and family law, he recognizes that there is overlap with the issues that arise in these kinds of cases.

Diligent and hardworking, Attorney Samuel Walker does the extra work to make sure he understands his clients’ cases. After he listens to his clients’¬†concerns, Attorney Samuel Walker shows up early and stays up late to get the job done.

Criminal Defense and Family Law

An attorney who defends clients against criminal charges needs to understand how the criminal justice system works, and what the Prosecutor and police do to make their case. While the State seems to have unlimited resources, individual defendants have far less with which to defend themselves.

Family law cases seem to be the opposite, in that they are highly emotional affairs where the people involved have a hard time focusing on what is truly important. Issues include divorce, child support and custody, and visitation.

However, Long Beach Attorney Samuel Walker has discovered that often people with criminal defense or family law issues often have overlapping problems. He can help manage multiple hearings and issues, focusing on what is important, which is the wellbeing of his clients and their families.


If you pass away without leaving a plan for your estate, it could cause ongoing problems for the loved ones you leave behind. It could take several months, or even a year or more, to finish settling your estate. In that time, your loved ones could be suffering.

You don’t know when you will go, but you can prepare as early as possible. Long Beach Attorney Samuel Walker can help you go through your assets and debts, and anything else you feel is important for the end of life. When you have this finalized, you can have peace of mind no matter what happens.

A Professional Advocate

Attorney Samuel Walker is willing to fight for you, while remaining professional and calm himself. He isn’t afraid of meeting a challenge head-on, and will make sure you get the help you need most.

If you are in need help with a case involving, contact The Law Office of Sam Walker at 714-943-2336 for a free consultation.