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Joint Custody | Child Custody Laws
If you need help with child custody laws regarding any type of joint custody you need an attorney to put the child custody laws to work for you. Child custody laws are used by the judge to make orders which are not always permanent however once a particular joint custody arrangement has been ordered it is difficult to change. You can change your joint custody arrangement under the California child custody laws if there is a significant change in your living situation. Some form of joint custody is generally preferred but if you have an issue which you feel would justify another arrangement you should consult with an attorney. Typically the judge will try to implement 50/50 custody through reliance on child custody laws which consider the best interests of the child you should call me immediately so that I can go over the child custody laws with you. This is a high probability if you have a domestic violence situation or other serious matter to address regarding joint custody. Additionally, if you have been living with a joint custody arrangement for a significant amount of time (six months or more) and you would like to modify your joint custody arrangement that can be accomplished with good cause. Please feel free to contact me with your questions or concerns regarding your joint custody.
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