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Divorce In California | Marriage Problems | Quick Divorce
A Divorce in California will proceed under a no fault basis when there are marriage problems. This means that if you are having marriage problems and wish to seek a legal seperation or a quick divorce it is possible without assigning fault. A quick divorce can be accomplished in six months if both parties agree that there are irreconcilable differences or other marriage problems that are not resolvable. A Divorce in California is only granted to residents of California who have been here for the required time period (six months) and can demonstrate that they have marriage problems. You may not travel to this state and obtain a Divorce in California even if you have marriage problems in this state. Marriage problems that you consider to be your fault should not deter you from filing for a Divorce in California as it may in other states. A divorce in California can proceed against your spouse's wishes. If you believe that a quick divorce is in your best interests call me and we will work on a settlement with your spouse even if they do not want a divorce.

On the other hand if both parties agree that there are marriage problems I will work to obtain a quick divorce so that you can get on with your life and leave your marriage problems in the past. Everyone seeks a quick divorce and to keep the children out of courtroom. If you are willing to settle on the issues between you and your spouse a quick divorce can allow you to move on faster and end your marriage problems amicably.  

If you are not able to resolve your issues then you will not be able to obtain a quick divorce and you will need to go to trial. Trial is needed when one spouse is being unreasonable and or if there is something that you cannot agree upon. If you feel that your spouse is bei ng unreasonable there is no choice but to go to trial. I will fight for your interests and devote my personal attention to your case from start to finish. I do hope that you will consider resolving your issues prior to needing to go through trial but if that is not possible I am ready to fight for you. I will advocate your legal position to the Court to help you obtain the fair result. 

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