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Estate Planning Attorney | IRS Tax Attorney | How to Avoid Probate 

Estate planning attorney services include comprehensive representation for clients regarding tax matters, conservatorship, guardianship, business successions and all long term care aspects including how to avoid probate and the need for advance health care directives and or durable powers of attorney. I can help you avoid the need for an IRS tax attorney and help by showing you how to avoid probate and lawsuits from relatives during a conservatorship and or guardianship administration. Learning how to avoiding probate and also the need for an IRS tax attorney will save you alot of money in the long run. As an IRS tax attorney and CPA I have the experience to help you avoid the need to seperately hire both an estate planning attorney and an IRS tax attorney. Another estate planning attorney without this experience may not have the knowledge and tax savy to help you manage your estate effectively and efficiently. You will save time and money and get expert service to help manage an estate of any size including those that have international assets and tax concerns that may be scrutinized by an IRS Tax Attorney when it comes time to pass your assets to your heirs. 

Learning how to avoid probate is the major benefit of hiring an estate planning attorney but you will also have other needs addressed as well inlcuding areas where tax law and the California Probate Code become competing considerations. Your estate planning attorney should consider all of these tax aspects which may result in the need to hire an IRS tax attorney. You should take tax consequences seriously and I will explain these concerns so that you can make an informed decision.

If you are a business manager or Certified Financial Planner or other person in charge of a conservatorship or guardianship estate you will need an estate planning attorney to help show you how to avoid probate and the need for an IRS tax attorney.

Personal Representation

With accurate representation from a qualified estate planning attorney, you can handle any legal issues you are facing without undue stress. I am experienced and able to handle all of your legal concerns including estate planning attorney services, family law assistance, tax law advice, how to avoid probate and how to avoid the need for an IRS tax attorney.

Regardless of your situation you need solid legal advice when your future and the future of your loved ones is at stake.

Business Representation

If you're a business owner, it's important to employ the services of a qualified business or estate planning attorney. One legal issue without good legal representation could significantly affect the success or profitability of your business and require the future need for an IRS tax attorney.

Whether you're starting a business or your current business is facing a potential lawsuit, you can count on us. I'll represent you effectively and advise you on what's best for your company.

I am dedicated to achieving the best outcome for every client. With my personal attention as your Orange County Estate Planning Attorney and IRS Tax Attorney we can develop a plan to pay less taxes and I will show you how to avoid probate. 

Aggressive and Effective Representation

Payment Plans Available

I provide comprehensive Estate Planning Attorney Services which may include a wide range of legal services.

Orange County Estate Planning Attorney

As an Orange County IRS Tax Attorney and CPA I can help give you peace of mind when you have financial concerns.

Why pay the costs associated with probate when you don't have to. Let me help by showing you how to avoid probate in Orange County and elsewhere.

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