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Legal Guardianship
If you are an administrator of a legal guardianship then you should seek out legal representation. You must act in accordance with California or other state law when you become an administrator of a legal guardianship and you will be held accountable to the minor at the date the minor reaches age 18. Additionally, you may need representation to advise you of your legal requirements in the event that relatives of the minor child decide to sue you for your work administering the legal guardianship estate. As an estate planning attorney with experience in representing administrators of a legal guardianship I can advise you on your best course of action to avoid personal liability for your actions under the legal guardianship. If on the other hand you are concerned that an administrator of a legal guardianship estate of a minor has not acted in accordance with law then you may also contact me to see if filing a legal action would be appropriate.

Question: What is a legal guardianship?
Answer: A legal guardianship is a term used to describe a situation where a minor's parents pass away or are no longer able to support the best interests of a minor child under their care. A minor child is placed under a legal guardianship by the court.

Question: How do I apply to have my relative placed under a legal guardianship and how do I become thier legal guradian?
Answer: You will need to contact an attorney to address your specific situation but generally this is not a complicated process.

Question: Do I need an attorney to represent me if I am placed in control of a legal guardianship estate?
Answer: Yes, it is not required but there are many technical requirements for being appointed as administrator of the legal guardianship which you most likely do not and would not know if you were not advised by an attorney.

Question: What is the risk if I do not hire an attorney?
Answer: You are personally liable when you are administrator of a legal guardianship for any and all deficiencies, missappropriations, lack of due care and or waste that is attributed to your control. Personal liability means that a disgruntled relative or minor may be able to sue you for any damages to the estate which could and would be recooperated from your personal assets including your bank accounts and personal property.

Question: How much does it cost me personally for legal representation from The Law Office Of Attorney Sam Walker?
Answer: Nothing, attorney services for representing an administrator of a legal guardianship are taken directly from the estate and will not affect your income unless you are a beneficiary of the estate.

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