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Probate Attorney
I have worked as a probate attorney at a high volume probate law firm and have experience working on large probate estates.As a private probate attorney I specialize in the California Probate Code and representation of executors of probate estates in California which are distributed under the California Probate Code. Additionally, if you are an heir or a potential heir of an estate and believe that the executor has not handled the estate in a manner which is lawful under the California Probate Code then you should contact me for a free consultation. I provide comprehensive services as a probate attorney and will provide personalized attention to your California Probate Code concerns.  

California Probate Code
Under the California Probate Code there are specific requirments for an executor of a decedent's estate. Even if a formal probate court process was not anticipated or started in the probate court the executor must still abide by the California Probate Code. If you are an heir or a potential heir and believe that the California Probate Code may not have been followed then you should contact a probate attorney immediately.

Probate Court
Probate Court is the appropriate court for administration of a decedent's estate if there are any assets which need to be distributed to heirs. There are simplified Probate Court procedures for small estates of less than a net worth of $150,000. If you are at all concerned about the need to go to Probate Court to resolve the administration of an estate under the California Probate Code then you should contact a probate attorney.
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