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Spousal Support In California
If you or your spouse has just filed for a dissolution or legal separation then you may be entitled to immediate spousal support in California. Immediate spousal support in California can be requested and ordered by a judge when you are left without enough money to pay for basic living expenses. If you believe that you are entitled to spousal support in California you should contact an attorney immediately upon notification that your spouse has filed for a California divorce. If you wait to long to request spousal support in California you may default on your existing debts and incur unecessary foreclosure or repossession. You are entitled to spousal support in California in an amount which will allow you to maintain your standard of living. If you would like to fight against your spouse because you feel they are demanding to much in spousal support that also can be accomplished more effectively in the early stages of a divorce.

Spousal support in California is adjusted to allow both parties to live as close to their marital standard of living. If you believe that your existing spousal support amount ordered by the court should be adjusted due to a change in the work or living situations of you or your spouse that can be accomplished. Typically, spousal support in California is ordered by the judge on a semi permanent basis but may end up lasting until death or remarriage. The best course of action is to contact an attorney to help you determine the possibility of obtaining a modification to a spousal support amount. 
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