Sam Walker Attorney & CPA
Tax Matters | Fight the BOE
If you have tax matters that are becoming a problem you can fight the BOE if you know how. As a former BOE auditor and CPA I know how to handle your tax matters and effectively fight the BOE. You cannot succesfully resolve your own tax matters when you fight the BOE alone.You are outmatched. If you want to settle your tax matters and fight the BOE you need a Tax Attorney and CPA on your side. I have never helped a client with thier tax matters without saving my client alot of money. I offer services for tax matters if you are going to fight the BOE on both an hourly and contingency basis. If you have contaced other BOE tax attorney's who cannot help you to save monEy on your BOE tax Matters give me a call and I will help you fight the BOE without costing you an extra dime. I will take your tax matters to court If It is worth it to fight the BOE and if settlement is not feasible. The fee will be based on Fight the BOE savings and if I save you nothing in regards to your tax matters then I won't charge you a dime. I am sure that I can resolve your tax matters and fight the BOE in a manner which saves you money.
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