Samuel R. Walker: Effective Counsel in Long Beach

Samuel R. Walker is a trusted attorney with a great reputation in and around Long Beach, California. He handles probate, criminal, and family cases through The Law Office of Samuel Walker, continually garnering positive feedback and desired courtroom outcomes.

Academic and Professional Background

Samuel R. Walker possesses a clear commitment to his community, brought about by his wonderful life in the great state of California. Prior to entering the legal profession, he attended California State University in San Bernardino. He then enrolled at the Chapman University School of Law. Upon receiving his Juris Doctor, he was admitted to the State Bar of California. He has since handled a variety of cases in and around Long Beach, earning praise from both clients and fellow attorneys.

Practice Areas

Samuel R. Walker is willing to handle a vast range of complex legal matters. Much of his work involves family law; his clients require assistance with everything from divorce to domestic violence issues. As a family attorney, he understands the sensitive nature of his clients’ cases, and their need for compassionate counsel. This compassion also extends to probate and criminal law, other top practice areas at The Law Office of Samuel Walker. Empathetic, yet assertive, Samuel Walker guides alleged offenders through all phases of the criminal justice process and tailors his approach based on their specific wants and needs. Ready to obtain a plea bargain and put your criminal matters behind you? Samuel Walker can help. He is also there to fight for your rights in court.

Working With Long Beach Attorney Samuel R. Walker

Long Beach attorney Samuel R. Walker is committed to obtaining the best possible resolution for every case. He works hard to deliver favorable outcomes. Clients speak highly of his passion for criminal defense, probate, and family law, as well as his clear sense of caring and empathy. In court, he demonstrates his passion by offering aggressive representation. This zealousness has led to many impressive verdicts.

If you require legal support from a Long Beach lawyer who truly cares about your case and your future, you can benefit from a consultation with Samuel Walker. As soon as you meet with him, you’ll understand why he is so highly respected throughout Long Beach. Contact The Law Office of Samuel Walker at your earliest convenience to learn more.