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Long Beach Family Law Attorney

From divorce to domestic abuse, family matters are notoriously sensitive. It's important to work through these issues with a lawyer by your side, but it's even more important that you choose the right lawyer. Ideally, your attorney will demonstrate both compassion and zealousness. The Law Office of Samuel Walker is a great resource to work with as you deal with the complications of divorce and other legal concerns. The Long Beach family law firm has an excellent track record and a positive reputation throughout the state of California.

Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with a criminal offense is a life-changing event. Your reputation suffers and you may even lose your job. If you are a divorced parent, or going through a divorce, you may even face child custody issues. The state has almost unlimited resources to use against you. The risk of conviction is great. You need the services of a diligent criminal defense attorney who will zealously prepare your defense. You will find that attorney at the Law Office of Samuel Walker.

Long Beach Probate Attorney

The simple fact that the probate process begins after a death makes it a difficult situation. In addition to this fact, it can also be a convoluted and lengthy process. Thankfully, by hiring a probate attorney like Sam Walker at the Law Office of Samuel Walker, the process becomes much easier to endure. A probate attorney makes the process go faster and can avoid certain difficulties altogether.