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Being charged with a criminal offense is a life-changing event. Your reputation suffers and you may even lose your job. If you are a divorced parent, or going through a divorce, you may even face child custody issues.

The state has almost unlimited resources to use against you. The risk of conviction is great. You need the services of a diligent criminal defense attorney who will zealously prepare your defense. You will find that attorney at the Law Office of Samuel Walker.

Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorney Samuel Walker Protects Your Constitutional Rights

In a criminal prosecution, all defendants, no matter what the nature of the offense, are entitled to exercise their constitutional rights. Criminal defense attorney Samuel Walker will vigorously protect those rights which are:

  • Your Fourth Amendment right to be free of warrantless searches and seizures.
  • Your Fifth Amendment right not to be a witness against yourself.
  • Your Sixth Amendment right to have an attorney represent you and to a speedy trial.

Attorney Walker will carefully review all prosecution investigative reports and discovery documents. He will conduct his own investigation into the charges against you. If there appears to be any constitutional violations, he will make the appropriate motions to the court and argue for the most effective remedy.

Criminal Defense Attorney Samuel Walker Acts Only in Your Best Interest

After reviewing all investigative materials, Attorney Walker will discuss your case with you and together you will decide how to proceed. If negotiating with the prosecution for a reduction in charges or for a lesser sentence seems to be the approach to take, he is a good negotiator. If taking your case to trial is in your best interest, he is a strong advocate in the courtroom.

Meanwhile, do not talk to anyone about your case until you meet with your attorney. This includes your spouse, your friends and particularly your cell mate if you are detained. Anything you say can be used against you in the prosecution of your case.

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Long Beach Attorney Samuel Walker has the experience you need to protect your constitutional rights and represent you aggressively against the prosecution. He serves those in Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Pedro, Redondo Beach, Lakewood, Cerritos, Rancho Palos Verdes and all surrounding areas. Contact him as soon as possible at 714-943-2336.